Home Equity Mortgages

Private mortgage financing based on home equity rather than income or credit.  Access money for anything you like such as debt consolidation, home improvements, home purchase, business investments, helping family, and other life events.

Reverse Mortgages

Mortgages specifically tailored for Canadians aged 55+. 
Borrow up to 55% of your home value and improve your retirement lifestyle or help family with an early inheritance.  The tax free money you receive require no mortgage payments.

Why GOAT Mortgages?

Vancouver’s Top Mortgage Broker

We are a full service mortgage broker helping Canadians to improve their lives and reduce financial stress by unlocking their home equity.  
GOAT Mortgages differs from other mortgage brokers in that we specialize in home equity and reverse mortgage financing. 
While we are licensed and educated in all mortgage types, we are able to better service our clients by focusing on one area rather than being a generalist in all areas.


No in person appointments are required.
This allows you to save time and allows us to secure your money faster.


We are licensed mortgage brokers who take great pride in keeping your information safe. We use secure online application forms and only access the most reputable Canadian mortgage lenders.


You will receive expert advice from our knowledgeable mortgage professionals who specialize in home equity based financing.

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