Spring Cleaning Tips For Retirees

Now that winter is finally coming to a close, it’s time to devise a plan to clean and organize in preparation for spring and summer.

Here are some helpful tips to get started!


Start by creating a list of rooms as well as exterior areas that require attention.

For example:

  • Store winter clothing and jackets.
  • Organize closets.
  • Carpet shampoo.
  • Rug and drapery cleaning.
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning.
  • Prepare the garden for planting.
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Organize garage

Of course, the list can go on but choose items most important to your needs.  

Ask For Help

Do not be afraid to ask your family, friends, or neighbours for help.  The truth is, most of us want to help others. Refrain from climbing tall ladders, lifting heavy objects, or making repairs that could cause injury.  Ask those close to you or consider hiring a professional to do the job.

Easy Tasks

While you are getting help with the tougher jobs, consider taking the time to work on the easier tasks.  Helpful tips include cleaning out your fridge and freezer, organizing your kitchen cupboards and pantry, and donating unused items lying around your home to the thrift store.

Health and Safety

Spring is a great time to reevaluate your health and safety around the home.  Ask for help in checking the function and expiry date of your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Do you find yourself needing more support when standing up or sitting down?  Grab handles to specific locations may be the answer.

Financial Well Being

If comfortable, consider discussing your financial situation with the beneficiaries of your estate.  Are you living comfortably or could your financial picture use some improvement? Have you considered or are you in a position to offer an early inheritance to your children or grandchildren?  

If you haven’t spoken with your Financial Advisor or Mortgage Advisor in a while, consider making an appointment.

Staying on top of your finances as well as your home and safety, are great ways to avoid unexpected issues and of course, that may cause unnecessary emotional and physical stress.

Enjoy Spring and Summer!

If you live in Vancouver like us, you know the warm weather doesn’t last long! Take the well deserved time to relax and enjoy everything that Spring and Summer have to offer. 

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