About GOAT Mortgages

Who is GOAT Mortgages

We are a mortgage brokerage dedicated to helping Canadians access their home equity with unique and strategic borrowing plans.  We do this by specializing in Reverse Mortgages and Home Equity Mortgage loans.

Our Founder

GOAT Mortgages is owned and operated by licensed Mortgage Advisor, Tanner Coles.  Tanner has been working in the financial services industry for 15 years and as a licensed advisor for nearly a decade.

Realizing that mortgage brokers cannot be experts in all areas of mortgage lending, Tanner created GOAT Mortgages to specialize solely in home equity financing.  “Our commitment to this area allows us to stay focused by providing niche solutions for Canadians who want to put their home equity to work.”

Why GOAT Mortgages?

Many Canadians are finding it difficult to access their home equity as tougher mortgage rules prevent them from qualifying for a “normal” mortgage or line of credit offered by banks and credit unions. 

GOAT Mortgages was created to help Canadian homeowners use their equity to improve their lives and the lives of others by relieving financial stress.

Why the name GOAT?

The word “goat” is a term often used in the competitive world of sports. 

It means Greatest Of All Time.  Tanner is a big auto racing fan and has grown up watching auto and motorcycle racers become “goats” of their sport.  We love what the name stands for and strive every day to be a “goat” for our amazing clients.

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